OK-First Staff


Dr. Kevin Kloesel | OCS Director

Serves as Director of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS), the operational home of the Oklahoma Mesonet. Kevin serves as the Co-Chair of the Mesonet Steering Committee.

Dr. Chris Fiebrich | Manager of the Oklahoma Mesonet

Responsible for directing the daily operations of the Oklahoma Mesonet. Chris oversees instrument development and calibration, instrument and site maintenance, the Mesonet's quality assurance system, outreach to Mesonet users, and the Mesonet's visualization software and websites.

James Hocker | OK-First Program Manager

Serves as the program manager for OK-First. In this capacity James serves as a lead instructor at all OK-First classes, develops training content, provides input and direction for software and tool development, and manages the program budget. James has B.S. and M.S. degrees in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma.

Andrea Melvin | Outreach Program Coordinator

Serves as instructor at many OK-First Certification, Assistant, and Re-certification classes. Develops laboratory exercises and case studies for use at OK-First classes. Andrea has a B.S. degree in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma.

Darrian Noyes | OK-First Student Assistant

Handles OK-First class registrations, logistics for classes, CLEET credits, and can help with general questions about the program.

Nathan Bain | Manager of Software Development


Jared Bostic | Senior Systems Administrator


Scott Watkins, Ben Vassmer, Ada Shih, and Nick Richardson | Website Developers


Brad Stanley | Software Developer