Old (4-bit) Radar Tilts 2-4 Disappear Today Jan 11, 2011

First of all, please do not panic.

Second, Tilt 1 (the lowest tilt) of Base Reflectivity and Base Velocity will be staying around for a while longer (we heard that it will be available until a year from now).

Third, in the place of the 4-bit data, we have something much nicer—8-bit (Enhanced) data.  You can turn this on by going to Preferences (bottom right hand corner of the OK-First data page) and clicking on Enhanced (instead of Classic).  In WeatherScope, look for Enhanced Reflectivity and Velocity products.  In RadarFirst, click on the radar product (e.g., BREF1) and change it to one of the “HD” products (this is the same thing as Enhanced, but it fits better on the display).

Fourth, we will soon have a Beta release with some new color tables (including some that mimic the look of 4-bit/Classic, but actually use 8-bit/Enhanced).

Fifth—and most importantly—we will be training on this all spring.  If you attended in the fall, you should be fully prepared, but if you did not come to a class in the fall, we highly recommend that you sign up for and attend a class this spring.  As soon as the Refresher and Assistant classes are set in stone, we will post them on the OK-First home page (application forms will be available here as well), and post the schedule on Facebook. 

If you seem to be missing some radar data (BREF2,3,4, BVEL2), but BREF1 and BVEL1 are working, please check out our video tutorial to switch from the old (4-bit) to the new (8-bit) data, which should be online sometime today under the Participant Services—> Training Materials link (direct link is: http://okfirst.mesonet.org/common/video/tutorials/Broken_Radar_Link.mp4)