OK-First is an outreach project of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) and Oklahoma Mesonet. It provides training and real-time weather data to public safety officials for use in weather-impacted situations. OK-First training and data are provided at no cost to qualified applicants in Oklahoma. As of March 2011, more than 190 agencies in and around Oklahoma participate in the program. OK-First operates with substantial funding support from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

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Mission & Activities: The "why" and "how" of OK-First

How to Join: Requirements for entry into the program, details of OK-First's three types of workshops, and how to enroll your agency in OK-First

Recognition & Impact: Brief details of national and international recognition of OK-First for program excellence

Timeline: A brief history of OK-First

Local Community Impact: Examples of OK-First's use and value in the field

Related Agencies: A brief introduction to the many agencies which help OK-First meet its mission